A-Z Listing Graduate Programs

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  • Cancer Biology PhD
  • Cellular Physiology and Molecular Biophysics PhD
  • Chemistry MS, PhD
  • Choral Conducting MM, DMA
  • Civil Engineering MSCE, PhD
    • Civil Engineering PhD with emphasis in Architectural Engineering
    • Civil Engineering PhD with emphasis in Environmental Engineering
  • Clinical and Translational Investigation MS
  • Coastal Sustainability MPS
  • Coastal Zone Management MPS
  • Communication PhD
  • Communication Studies MA, MA UOnline
  • Community and Social Change MSEd
  • Community Well-Being PhD
  • Composition MM, DMA
  • Computational Meteorology and Oceanography MPS
  • Computer Science MS, PhD
  • Construction Management MS
  • Corporate Finance Cert UOnline
  • Counseling MSEd
  • Counseling Psychology PhD
  • Creative Writing MFA
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice CertMS


  • Digital Arts and Sound Design MM


  • Early Childhood Special Education MSEd, EdS
  • Economics MAE, PhD
  • Education and Social Change MSEd
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering MSECE, PhD
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering MSECE with emphasis in Cybersecurity
  • Epidemiology PhD
  • English PhD
  • Environment, Culture, and Media MA, MPS 
  • Environmental Health and Safety MS
  • Environmental Science and Policy PhD
  • Ergonomics and Human Factors PhD
  • Exercise Physiology MSEd, Accelerated MSEd, PhD
  • Exploration Science MPS



  • Genomic Medicine MS
  • Geography MA
  • Geospatial Technology Cert
  • Global Health Cert


  • Health Informatics CertMS UOnline
  • Health Sector Management and Policy MHA
  • Higher Education Leadership EdD
  • Higher Education Administration
    • Enrollment Management  Cert, MSEd
    • Institutional Research and Policy Analysis MSEd
    • Student Life and Development Cert, MSEd
  • History MA, PhD
  • Human Genetics and Genomics PhD


  • Industrial Engineering MSIE, PhD
  • Instrumental Conducting AD, MM, DMA
  • Instrumental Jazz Performance MM
  • Instrumental Performance AD, MM, DMA
  • Interactive Media MFA
  • International Administration MA
  • International Business Studies MIBS
  • International Studies MA, PhD


  • Jazz Composition DMA
  • Jazz Instrumental Performance MM, DMA
  • Jazz Pedagogy MM
  • Jazz Vocal Performance MM, DMA
  • Journalism MA


  • Keyboard Performance AD, MM, DMA
  • Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy MM, DMA


  • Latin American Studies MA
  • Latino Mental Health Counseling Cert
  • Leadership Cert
  • Legal Aspects of the Music Business Cert
  • Liberal Studies CertMALS
  • Literary, Cultural and Linguistic Studies (formerly Romance Studies) PhD



  • Natural Hazards and Catastrophes MPS
  • Neuroscience PhD
  • Nursing Practice DNP
  • Nursing Science PhD
  • Nutrition for Health and Human Performance MSEd


  • Ocean Sciences MS, PhD
  • Ocean Engineering MSOE, PhD
  • Occupational Ergonomics and Safety MS



  • Real Estate Development and Urbanism MRED&U
  • Research, Measurement and Evaluation MSEd, PhD


  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM Education) MSEd
  • Second Language Acquisition & Teaching Cert
  • Skin Biology and Dermatological Sciences MS
  • Sociology PhD
  • Sound Recording Arts MM
  • Special Education MSEd
  • Sport Administration MSEdMSEd UOnline
  • Sports Medicine MSEd
  • Strategy/International Business PhD
  • Strength Conditioning MSEd
  • Studio Jazz Writing MM



  • Underwater Archaeology MPS
  • Urban Design MUD


  • Vision Science and Investigative Ophthalmology MS
  • Vocal Pedagogy and Performance DMA
  • Vocal Performance AD, MM, DMA


  • Weather, Climate, and Society MPS
  • Weather Forecasting MPS
  • Women’s Health Cert