Post-Defense Essentials: To-Do Items


After you've successfully defended, incorporate any revisions your committee may have requested after the defense (and formatting revisions if you requested an optional predefense formatting review) into the draft then send the post-defense draft to the Associate Director of Programs,, to begin the final formatting review of your thesis or dissertation.

The Associate Director of Programs will review the draft, then send requests for revisions to you by e-mail. You should make the revisions then send the revised draft back for another review. After all the formatting issues in the document are worked out, you will convert the draft into one final PDF of the entire document.


The ETD Support Web site provides conversion guides, troubleshooting tips, and appointment scheduling with an ETD Support Team information specialist. Contact the ETD Support Team in Richter Library by e-mail, or phone, (305) 284-4811. 

The final PDF should be sent to the Associate Director of Programs,, for review. If the final PDF meets all technical requirements, the Associate Director of Programs will send you a permission-to-upload e-mail with instructions about how to upload the final PDF in the Scholarly Repository and a copy of the ETD Availability Agreement form, which is also available from the Graduate School Web site at any time.


After the final PDF has been uploaded in the Scholarly Repository, Master's and doctoral students must turn in the three signed, required forms (Certificate of Defense Approval Form (Master's, Doctoral), Signature Page (M.A., M.S., M.M., M.Arch., D.M.A. (Doctoral Essay), D.M.A. (Lecture Recital), Ed.D., Ph.D) from thesis or dissertation, ETD Availability Agreement Form) to the Associate Director of Programs. Doctoral students also must complete three online items (UM Doctoral Exit Survey (link sent by separate e-mail from Associate Director of Programs), SED Survey, ProQuest agreement).

Once all final materials are completed, the Associate Director of Programs will approve your thesis or dissertation as final.

ETD AVAILABILITY AGREEMENT FORM: What availability option should I choose?

All Master’s and doctoral students must complete and submit this form to the Graduate School. The form documents the availability option you and your advisor have agreed upon for your ETD in the Scholarly Repository: (1) Open Access; (2) UM Campus Only; or (3) Embargo for up to two years. Each student's post-graduate situation is unique so discussing the online availability selection with the main advisor is important. After talking with your advisor, make a selection on the form, make sure you and your advisor have signed it, then turn the form in to the Graduate School.

The article "Open Access and the Graduate Author: A Dissertation Anxiety Manual," by Jill Cirasella and Polly Thistlewaite, provides helpful insights about making availability choices for your electronic thesis or dissertation.

BINDING: One-Sided Printing ONLY

Students interested in having a bound copy of the final electronic thesis or dissertation made should keep in mind that the final PDF that was uploaded in the Scholarly Repository is formatted for printing on one side of the paper only. The offset 1.5-in. left margin necessitates printing on one side of the paper only. Printing on both sides of the paper will result in a bound copy that will not look right. Make sure you ask the binder to print the copy on one side of the paper only if the volume will be printed from the final PDF you produced.

Doctoral Students Take Note: When you upload the final PDF in the ProQuest database, you will be offered a chance to order bound copies of your dissertation from ProQuest. Make sure you call ProQuest, 1-800-521-0600, to ask about printing before ordering bound copies from them. In the recent past, ProQuest has printed bound copies on both sides of the paper only so it's best to inquire about printing before ordering copies.

 IA Digital Print located on UM's Marine Campus, 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149; phone 305-421-4184; Web site, binds non-cloth hard cover copies.

For cloth-covered hard copy binding, please search the Web.